LESSONS TO TAKE AWAY...

From the chapters in ABCs That Make Cent$, the readers will...

ABCs chapter - be able to analyze their attitudes, behaviors and characteristics to spending. They will comprehend the importance of studying their own spending habits. This is the beginning to climbing the financial ladder.

D chapter - understand their options regarding the delivery of funds to their personal account as well as the choices of the payment of expenses.

E chapter - delve into the world of expenses and tailor them into their own needs in order to live within their household means.

F chapter - comprehend that getting their financial affairs in order starts with the balance sheet: increasing assets while decreasing liabilities (debt).

G chapter - recognize and accept that goals are important because having goals help to stay on track and to spend (only) in the direction to obtaining them.

HI chapter - learn to only maintain inventory that has positive net-worth.

JKL chapter - take the initial steps to budgeting by mastering the pie chart and staying within the spending limits given to them at each pay period.

MN chapter - spring into action by implementing a plan to increasing their net-worth. Absolutely do not want a net-worth below zero.

O chapter - learn how to operate differently with money; they will learn that “money dealings” is a process.

P chapter - learn and comprehend a new system. The 4P system represents: Pray, Plan, Pay and Play. The assumption is the unit has been PAID.

Q chapter - follow through and complete a quiz. The family will learn the importance of regularly meeting to discuss financial matters and the budget. Also, the readers will learn how to set an allowance and how to incorporate a “spending license” to be carried with them at all times.

R chapter - be instructed to release their old way of doing things and to gas up in order to reach their destination.

S chapter - learn why it is quite important to save, the things to save up for, and the formula to saving.

T chapter - understand why it is not necessary to focus on taxes but to redirect their attention to making money.

U chapter - be debriefed on the matters regarding insurance and to recognize it to be a great tool to have in order to transfer risk from the family to others for complete coverage.

VW chapter - learn how to make sense (cents) of everything financial and to reach the finish line with victory and wealth.

X chapter - learn that there is no room for negativity in the financial world of growth upward bound.

YZ chapter - master the whole plan by involving the family, by having regular discussions and by providing confirmations with zeal. This is the full and complete package.