Cynthia Elliott

Meet Cynthia Elliott, C.P.A.

Cynthia Elliott's life is centered on the constant need to obtain more knowledge in the field of personal financial management in order to pass the information on to others in dire financial need. As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), she understands the pure essence of budgeting and saving as well as using the tools in one's life. Based on her education with a Masters of Business Administration in Finance, Ms. Elliott is quite capable of convincing individuals on how to implement the fun-filled techniques that she has personally established.

Her willingness to volunteer shows that she is able to produce age appropriate tools for all family members involved. With her personal experiences, she has empowered parents & their children to put into action what they have learned and to take charge of their finances. From her previous publications and course work, it is clear that she wants to improve the standards of individuals of which are necessary to climbing that financial ladder. The road map of ABCs that make cent$ is to fine tune the families who want greatly to learn how to set up a well-defined plan that has been proven from past class participants. Ms. Elliott's background speaks volumes for herself; she is an expert in the field of finances. Her goal is to plant a seed and reward others.

Cynthia currently resides in Memphis, TN and has lived in New York, Florida, Texas and Georgia. Cynthia is an active member (> 15 years) of Cummings Street Baptist Church where she is dedicated to the Usher's and Children's Ministry. In addition to her commitment on assisting others in the community, her favorite pass time is playing the piano, bowling, skating and playing "Payday or Monopoly" board games with her daughter.